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300+ GPT-4 Ideas to Unleash Your Potential

Get 300+ potential ideas on how you can
start using GPT-4 to supercharge your life
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What's this about?

On March 14, 2023, OpenAI introduced GPT-4, a new and powerful model. It can work with both text and, even more exciting, image inputs. Imagine the many possibilities when ChatGPT can understand images too.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 demo showing GPT-4 processing a sketch into a website (source).

What does this book include?

Explore over 300 potential GPT-4 use cases, sorted by category. Discover endless ways to improve your life and spark your creativity with GPT-4's skill in handling image inputs.

Get ready to explore and be inspired by the future of GPT-4.


Art & Illustration

13+ use case ideas



5+ use case ideas


Development & Coding

20+ use case ideas


Education & Language

7+ use case ideas


Electronics & Gadgets

10+ use case ideas



10+ use case ideas


Sports & Fitness

9+ use case ideas



18+ use case ideas


Health & Science

10+ use case ideas


Home & Industrial

21+ use case ideas


Life & Personal

10+ use case ideas



30+ use case ideas


Media & Entertainment

13+ use case ideas



8+ use case ideas


Nature & Outdoors

13+ use case ideas


Product & Strategy

32+ use case ideas



6+ use case ideas


Style & Fashion

17+ use case ideas


Text & Speech

13+ use case ideas


Travel & Planning

13+ use case ideas


Web Design

12+ use case ideas


Work & Career

13+ use case ideas

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